What can you achieve in 2 months?

FINAL ALIVE GYM LOGO OUTLINE Landscape (home Made) 6.4.16 copy-page-001Our Short Term Gym memberships

We have short-term memberships which allow you to either pay upfront or by Direct Debits starting from £20 per month.
With all our memberships you are entitled to an induction with one of our Personal Trainers who will help you set you up a training program that will head you in the direction of your fitness goals.
There is no contract, all we need from you is a month notice to cancel. For all of our membership options click on MEMBERSHIPS.

In just a few months you can feel healthier and stronger. If you are totally committed to a program, you can make huge strides in a very short time.

We realise that getting healthier in just 2 months may be a tall order, the idea here, however, is to get you on the road to greater health.

What can you achieve in 2 months?

Know precisely what your goals are. Defining and working towards an achievable goal has a powerful psychological incentive. It will give you a certain direction and a firm purpose. Vague ideas will not count!

In 2 months you can gain substantial improvements in endurance, flexibility, muscle tone and strength.
We’re going to be asking you to lift weights a couple of times a week using the basic strength building movements. If you prefer group sessions you can get the same benefits from attending our Weight TrainingBoxercise or Circuit Training classes.

Enhance Aerobic Endurance:

We do not buy into the notion that exercise has to be tedious. Our Studio Classes and Small Group will also improve your cardiovascular efficiency.
These sessions are great alternatives to the treadmills, bikes and the steppers you’ll find in our gym. And again the indoor cardio stuff is okay but in being at Alive you are so close to the seafront why not get outdoors for one of your warm up sessions during this period; either for a little jog or some power walking.
If it is raining and blowing a gale out there we’ll give you permission to sit on the stationary bike as long as you crank up the intensity.

Weight Training:

Use the free weights or our Nautilus machines to improve your sense of balance, overall strength and endurance.
Poundage’s stay in the light – medium range maybe 12 to 15 reps.
By the week’s end, you will have worked all the major body parts. Lifting weights can be great fun if you stay focused on a goal that is achievable.
Find the motivational tools that will allow you to stay on track for the next couple of months.
Form as always is the cardinal rule. Allow for two days of rest between body parts and do not miss a training session during this 2 month period.

Cross Training:

When you incorporate the concept of Cross Training in your exercise program, you vary your activities so that you develop the three primary factors of first-rate fitness – strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.
You’ll reap the rewards in many ways; the health benefits of a strong heart, lungs and joints and the psychic benefits of feeling motivated and having the energy to follow through your ambitions. No 2-month program will succeed without a 100 percent commitment. This is not going to be a masochistic foray into a quick fix, be all, end all approach to training. It is going to be just enough of everything to prepare you for a more intensive workout scheme in the coming months.

Take the time out to rest and for relaxation, maybe taking a mid-week break to enjoy your favourite recreational sport, this may help you stay mentally and physically refreshed.

Every negative thought you have about your body contains a negative thought about yourself. Develop a vocabulary that supports you. By the end of the next 2 months, you’ll have a fresh resolve and attitude to be proud of.

We wish you all the very best

Toby and The Alive Crew.