Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Alive Gym Studio

Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Alive Gym Studio

Vinyasa flow allows you to combine breath and movement to open and strengthen muscles to feel centred and relaxed.

A little about Justine

justineAlthough there was an element of yoga practice during my time studying Drama at The Central School of Speech and Drama, I only really discovered yoga’s benefits whilst trying to re-buildĀ strength due to a chronic illness.
As I began to practise yoga regularly, I noticed that it was not just the physical side that was healing; my mind was becoming strong and I began to see that conditions such as stress and anxiety were no longer a part of my life.
I started to notice that my entire lifestyle was changing as I learned how asanas only made up an eighth of the yoga philosophy. I realised that I loved practising yoga and wanted to share this love with as wide an audience as possible.
Originally, I chose to train as a yoga teacher in order to extend and develop my own practice; as a way of deepening my understanding of the philosophy, to discover a greater knowledge.
One of the things that I have enjoyed during this process is realising that yoga is a journey and there is always something new to discover; every practise brings something new to my life. As a teacher, I encourage every student to find their individual challenge limit: to listen carefully for what the body and mind needs most in the moment, to work primarily with the breath and to keep present.
My preferred teaching styles are Vinyasa Flow and Dynamic Hatha. The word ‘Vinyasa’ can be tra
justinenslated into, “Arranging something in a special way”, which can apply to Yoga asanas. I believe that the breath is at the heart of a yoga practice and, in a Vinyasa Flow class, we learn to link each movement with the breath. However, I also believe that it is important to build theĀ movement up slowly so that we don’t lose sight of how important the breathing is.

In addition to teaching yoga, I have taught Drama and Theatre Studies for the last 20 years, incorporating mindfulness, meditation and relaxation within this discipline.
When not teaching or extending my own yoga practice, I enjoy spending time with my lovely family and travelling whenever possible!