Food – Variety

fruitdumbbells_369x250You would never expect one workout to make you physically fit! A single-minded focus on one type of workout month after month without changing the reps, weights and exercises will not make you physically fit.
For similar reasons, a restricted diet will not give you a well fuelled and well-nourished body.
When you incorporate the concept of Cross Training in your exercise program you vary your activities so that you develop the three primary factors of first-rate fitness – strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility.
With that, you reap the rewards in many ways the visible benefits of a well-balanced physique, the health benefits of a strong heart, lungs, and joints and the psychic benefits of feeling motivated.

Variety in the food department pats the same dividends.
The steady supply of quality fuel from a variety of sources will benefit your appearance, health and energy levels. Eating the same foods – even the healthier ones – with little or no variety gets you into a nutritional rut.
Variety will help provide all the essential nourishment. No single food or food group has all – or enough – of the more the nutrients your body needs to function well.
If you neglect certain foods you will not be able to perform at your best in the short run or optimise your chances of well-being over the long haul.

Nutritional variety helps you maximise the unique health benefits of foods, it also helps you maximise the consequences or risky eating habits since you reduce your intake of sugar and chemical contaminants.
Eating this way will also keep you eating pleasure high. Healthy eating does not sentence you to a regime of alfalfa sprouts and rice cakes. Just as your sports program needs to be enjoyable if you are to maintain long-term interest, so should your diet.
There are too many foods to choose from in your average supermarket you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the variety. Variety is the key to success. The major challenge is to consistently add new foods to your daily repertoire.
For variety sake, make an attempt to add one new food to your menu each week. Just as it is with your physical training permanent change will take time and patience.