The Team

Meet The Crew

Toby – Manager

Welcome to Alive Fitness And Natural Health. I have a great team here and between us we have a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of fitness and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. The crew on the front desk will be here to greet you to discuss any membership enquiries you have. There is always a gym instructor on hand to give advice if needed. When you sign up to us you are entitled to an induction to help you familiarise yourself with the equipment – if needed – and you will end up with a tailor made exercise routine. If new to exercise we would suggest you book in for a review – also free of charge – 4 weeks or so after your initial induction.

Favourite: Exercise: At the moment, I’m loving a Goblet Squat.

Favourite Food: At the moment anything from Siam Siam – Thai food – or grub from the Caribbean Kitchen next door! The goat curry is awesome and the Salt Fish patties are a taste sensation. 

Hobbies: Doing stuff with loved ones, eating and doing nothing!


Ed – Receptionist


I am a friendly approachable chap who likes the quiet life as much as spending time with friends. I enjoy kicking back and playing video games and during the spring and summer you’ll find me out pottering around in the garden.
Having started work at alive in 2013 I was relatively new to exercise and over the years I have found my fitness has improved greatly.

Favourite exercises: Boxing pad work, Burpees

Favourite food: Cheese and biscuits

Favourite place: Home

Hobbies: Gardening, video games


Damon – Yoga Teacher & Fitness Instructor

Damon is a strong advocate of a holistic approach to health and fitness, based not just on exercise, but also on rest and proper nutrition. His passion is mat based bodyweight exercises, including yoga style postures.
He is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instructor.

Specialised in: Yoga, bodyweight exercises, flexibility and core stability

Favourite exercises: Crumbs, there are so many… how about Warrior 3 and Plank

Favourite food: Peanut butter and marmite sandwich

Favourite place: The Great Outdoors

Hobbies: Yoga, reading, music, walking in the countryside

Matt – Personal Trainer

Matt began working in the fitness industry in 2002, turning his hobby and passion for health and fitness into his career. He discovered the gym at age 16 and transformed his body shape and confidence in the process.
Using his experience of  20+ years and expert knowledge he can help you improve your energy levels, lose fat and build muscle for a healthier, leaner physique.

Matt will take the time to understand your goals and design programmes tailored specifically towards these, which are not only effective but also fun and sustainable!

Favourite exercises: Kettlebell Turkish Get Up.

Favourite food: All spicy food!

Favourite place: Brighton and Hove

Hobbies: Mountain biking, camper van trips, video gaming, reading.

Jenny – Personal Trainer

A lifelong lover of exercise, Jenny started her personal training career in 2004. With over 20 years practising Yoga, weight training, running, playing sports and recovering from sports injuries and surgery, she brings elements of these to her personal training sessions.

Jenny has honed her years of personal experiences, working with clients of all ages and ongoing professional training to create bespoke programmes that are tailored specifically to each client’s needs and goals.

Specialises in: Recovery from injury and surgery, helping with back pain, core stability and postural work

Favourite exercises: Mountain biking and Yoga

Favourite food: North African, Turkish meze

Favourite place: West coast of Scotland

Hobbies: Mountain biking, gardening, bird watching, walking in the countryside, arts and crafts (particularly making fancy dress for festivals!) and volunteering for marine conservation and animal charities


Joe – Personal Trainer

Joe started young in the fitness world, taking up gymnastics at the age of 7, winning several competitions by the age of 11, when he was forced to retire through injury. He has since dabbled in basketball, football and martial arts until he developed a love/hate relationship with long distance running, completing several marathons and shorter distances.
He regularly creates crazy challenges for himself to raise money for his favourite charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. These include performing over 1700 burpees and separate24 hour spin bike and running challenges, raising thousands of pounds.
Joe completed his personal training qualification in 2012, with certificates in indoor cycling, gym based boxing and nutrition. 
Joe is also a level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist

Favourite exercises: Bouldering/Rock Climbing

Favourite food: Anything spicy

Favourite place: Prague

Hobbies: Running, video games, reading and relaxing


Favourite exercises: Burpees and deadlifts

Favourite food: Anything spicy

Favourite place: Prague

Hobbies: Running, video games, reading and relaxing


Ben – Personal Trainer

Ben has always been sporty; he was brought up playing basketball and eventually represented his university team. He has practised kickboxing, jiu jitsu and karate each for a couple of years. He has also intermittently taking up bouldering and outdoor rock climbing over a number of years.
More recently, he has taken up powerlifting and currently competes in British Powerlifting, having competed in two competitions so far as well as becoming a Powerlifting Coach.

After completing his personal training qualification in 2005, he furthered his qualification at Chichester University with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He has had experience training everyone from beginner to advanced and from young to old.

Specialises in: Strength training, Pilates, fat loss and muscle gain

Favourite exercises: Squat, bench press and deadlift (powerlifting!)

Favourite place: Whitehaven beach, Australia

Hobbies: Powerlifting (in case you hadn’t guessed), bouldering, attending hip hop gigs and going on country walks

Cat – Personal trainer