Is it a Bird! Is it a plane….

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Our Joe is always looking for, or in this case creating new challenges for himself – and sometimes the unsuspecting client!

In 2013 he did a Burpee Challenge! For every £1 raised he did 3 Burpees and ended up doing over 1000 of them.
Joe has already completed 8 marathons, 7 of them barefoot.

This year he decided he was going to run for 24 hours around and around the velodrome at Preston Park.

There were times it felt like he was not going to complete his task. Earlier on in the year, he was unable to complete The Brighton Marathon due to injury.

Then more recently when cycling home he was knocked off his bike and ended up in the hospital. Concussion and some cuts and bruises were as bad as it got and the challenge was up in the air for a while but our Joe is persistent!

feetHis challenge started on Saturday 6th September at 1 pm and finished on Sunday 7th at 1 pm. Jogging for 24 hours to raise as much as he possibly could for Macmillan, in memory of his dad Roy, who died in 2010.
For the epic event his wife Jen, his son Mason, and daughter Livi were there for support throughout the event along with friends and Crew members from Alive.
When Joe had finished his last lap on Sunday, he had run a total 80.28miles, burnt 15,170 calories and his beard grew an inch longer.


So far his challenge has raised over £1900, for Macmillian Cancer Support. Everyone at Alive Fitness & Natural Health is proud of Joe”s great achievement.

Joe Brighton Charity

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