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Positive Energy:

Everyone can benefit from some sort of moderate exercise. It is beneficial to the immune system and can also improve mood and offer an important way of maintaining a healthy image.
+NRG A program that has been running since 1998 at Alive Fitness And Natural Health, promoting health and fitness for people living with HIV/AIDS in Brighton and Hove.
It was initially funded by Brighton And Hove Health Authority who provided 8-week courses at Alive and it was one of the first courses of its kind in the UK.
Unfortunately, funding has ceased, but we still offer full gym facilities and complimentary therapies and we work closely with a number of other community groups in the city.

Now as always we encourage our Clients to use the gym at least once a week. We offer a variety of programs depending on your needs and preferences; including Free Weights, Nautilus Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning, and there are a large range of classes on offer.
We encourage all our clients to take their physical, emotional and mental well-being into account as well as focusing on achievable rewarding short and long term goals.

Physical exercise is not a cure for everything but it has been shown to reduce stress, increase your CD4+ cells and encourage a healthier lifestyle.
You will be less prone to high blood pressure, lower back ailments, headaches and digestive problems. The exercise itself will be therapy, providing you with a means of emotional release and relaxation and on top of that your muscle strength, mass and tone will increase.
A common finding with people with HIV is moderate to severe depression of the hormone testosterone. A hormone that is partly responsible for the production of lean body mass.

Short-term, high-intensity exercise – as with programs such as Nautilus – increases circulating testosterone receptors, which are important if the hormone is to function properly.
Exercise along with a quality diet is a great way to maintain excellence in your physiological and mental processes. If your diet is one that supports you and you train in a way that suits your body type you will be able to function at optimal efficiency doing everyday tasks with enough in reserve so you can handle a crisis and pursue satisfying, stimulating recreational and leisure activities.

Our Personal Trainers are highly trained and have all our clients best interest at heart.
After a consultation with one of them you could be given a program which could range from walking to Core Stability, or a short high-intensity Nautilus program; whatever it is it’ll be a program that you will be able to do and enjoy.
Together we’ll monitor your progress and this will ensure that you understand and are following safely and effectively your personal program.
This may at first involve a certain amount of discomfort but you are shaping your life! Decide now that you are going to make the changes that will support you.

Your +NRG Co-ordinator At Alive is: Toby.