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Level Up Nutrition at Alive Gym

After enjoying various jobs which included tour and production catering, bar and restaurant management and as cabin crew – travelling the world and enjoying different foods and culture, I went back to University for 4 years to qualify as a Registered Dietitian I’m passionate about evidence-based nutrition, food, cooking and […]



Food – Variety

You would never expect one workout to make you physically fit! A single-minded focus on one type of workout month after month without changing the reps, weights and exercises will not make you physically fit. For similar reasons, a restricted diet will not give you a well fuelled and well-nourished […]

You and Food

Diet: You are what you absorb. We are all different and so it is each of us that is responsible for our state of health, and that includes our diet and what we eat. What is eaten is as important if not more important than the exercise we do. Whether […]


Pre-op and post-op weight loss surgery diets for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free

Vegetarian & Vegan Diets

Vegetarian & Vegan Diets Vegetarians may occasionally add animal produce into their diets as they are able to get their ‘complete proteins’ from the likes of fish, eggs, and dairy products. In a vegan diet, no animal products are consumed at all and their diets consist mostly of incomplete proteins so it is important that […]