Super 10 with Joseph


Super 10 every Thursday at 10am


Super 10

With a range of exercise techniques that includes aerobics, resistance training, and floor work.
You will be encouraged to complete 10 repetitions of each exercise, for 3 sets. It is a fun class that is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels that will make you feel super!

A little about Joseph

I have worked for Alive Gym since April 2012, I qualified as a Fitness Instructor in 2014 and then qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2015.

Currently, Super 10 is the only class I teach at Alive Gym Studio.

I love bodypump, so I wanted to start a class that introduced people to free weights, and help people grow confidence with the them, so that they can have fun whilst working out and getting strong.

Below is some feedback from regluar members of the class.

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