Basic Training

Nautilus training BrightonChoose Today.

When you have been involved in a regular exercise routine for about 6-8 weeks you will see and feel the improvements in some of your body’s functions and processes.
The capacity of your body to function at optimal efficiency in doing everyday tasks with enough in reserve so you can handle crises and pursue satisfying, stimulating, recreational leisure activities. But only when you keep up the commitment to your health!

Choose today to take the action necessary to do what is right for you. Trust in yourself, believe that you are able to accomplish what you want as not planning to succeed is the same as planning to fail.

When designing your program, first you have to decide what it is you want to focus on; strength or endurance. In the real world, you only need enough of both of them to perform daily activities, beyond that it is a matter of personal choice. If you want to bulk up, your training may emphasise exerting force against high resistance during low repetition sets.
If it’s a leaner look you want then your sessions may be based on relatively low resistance and high repetitions. If health is your strongest motivation, do not fixate on the physiological aspects of your exercise program. Exercising purely out of fear of disease can be grim and joyless.
Consider ways of varying your routine or adding the element of fun – Personal Training or classes for example.

Always remember you are unique and so have your own strength and weaknesses. When in the gym and choosing a weight to lift choose one that allows you to perform the desired number of repetitions with good form.
If when completing a set it is too easy then add a little more resistance next time or add more repetitions to produce further gains. A Repetition is a single execution of the movement. A Set is a series of repetitions done correctly without interruption or rest.

When starting out the emphasis is on learning how to do the exercise correctly. There is no secret program out there.Just because the guy working alongside you has a program that works for him it does not mean that the same routine will work for you!
If you are thinking; How can I possibly squeeze in 1- 4 hours into my already hectic week? Let me tell you, you’re squeezing nothing in as the hours are already there! If you have an unwilling heart you will be able to articulate a dozen reasons why a consistent exercise program is unworkable.
Have a willing heart and you will find the time is there and you and your loved ones will enjoy the fruits of your efforts.