Alive Secret Garden


Our little garden offers us a secluded place that can stimulate and engage all the senses.
It wasn’t designed having evolved over the years making it organic in every sense of the word. It started 4 years ago after a plant that was housed in the gym started looking very sorry for itself and was put out in our back yard awaiting a new pot which didn’t happen! In a few months, the Bay Tree had sprouted new life.
It was the beginning of what would become our Organic Garden. It is our small sanctuary made up of forgotten plants picked up off the roadside and plants chosen by us to encourage wildlife.

Gym garden Brighton










To date, we have an army of House Sparrows, Hedge Sparrows, a couple of beautiful Blackbirds and a Staling which I note is very good at mimicking all the other bird’s songs in the garden quite beautifully. A beautiful bird it may be in its iridescent plumage of black, purple and green.
It has the most appalling table manners chucking food everywhere and pushing others out of the way – a bit like a friend of mine when eating.

Brighton Gym Garden










The garden can be viewed from our office and fitness studio – and the Cardio room – if you hang your head out of the window! This is Alive doing its bit to help protect Brighton’s biodiversity creating a healthier environment for our loved ones.